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Greatdane welcomes you!

We at are committed to showcasing our beautiful Australian Great Danes and to provide information to all owners and potential owners of the "Apollo of Breeds".

Great Dane Information
Great Dane Puppies Over the years we have collected a number of useful resources for Great Dane owners. You can search our World Wide Great Dane Breeders Database to locate breeders near you, we have links to help you choose and look after your Great Dane Pup and well as Great Dane pet and fun sites, Great Dane Memorabilia, gifts and have included some highly recommended books about Great Danes.

Be a part of
If you have a Great Dane related web site or health article, please add it to our database. Listing is free and the more fun and resources we can provide the better! If you sell products that are suited to Great Danes or Great Dane Memorabilia, please contact us and we'll organise to include you on our site, it's free but subject to approval.


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